Dakota County

U.S. National Grid Maps and Resources

These maps are designed to support emergency preparedness and response activities in Dakota County.

Read more about the U.S. National Grid (USNG) here (USNGcenter.org).

PDF Map Server Interactive map for downloading individual PDF maps for Dakota County and the Twin Cities region, including 1K maps for Dakota, Carver, Ramsey, and Anoka counties. All maps are geoPDFs and will work in the Avenza PDFmaps mobile app (see below).

Standard Maps:

The standard maps are created in two basic formats, called 10K and 1K. These formats represent the map extents based on the 10 kilometer (10K) and 1 kilometer (1K) increments of the U.S. National Grid (USNG), and are named accordingly.

         10K emergency response map book (28 Mb)

         10K aerial photo map book (17 Mb)

         Emergency response / fire map books by city or response area:

o   1K aerial photo and address map books by city

o   1K address only map books by city

o   Find a specific page by clicking on a map



         Wall Maps

         100 Meter map books

There are primarily two map series based on the USNG 10 kilometer and 1 kilometer squares. They are available in either an aerial photo or topographic map format.

Other Maps:

         Statewide aerial photo 10K maps (public)

o   (Hint: Use FTP client like FileZilla to download from FTP site)

         Browse Dakota County 1K maps

o   Emergency response maps

o   Aerial photo maps

o   Neighborhood maps

         Browse Dakota County 10K maps

o   Emergency response maps

o   Aerial photo maps

o   Topographic maps

         Park Maps

         Flint Hills 1 = 200 1K map book

         Simulated tornado 10K situational overlay

         2011 Flood Maps

o   These maps represent areas along the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers that may be susceptible to spring flooding. Some of the maps include an overlay of the 100 year FEMA flood zone and do not represent the actual flooding or potential flooding. They are only intended as a guide and as an example of the capability to easily produce situational overlays on USNG maps.

Applications and Mobile Apps:

         Convert between lat/long and USNG (MGRS)

         Avenza PDF Maps mobile app

o   Open geospatial PDFs to get USNG coordinate readout, plot current location on map, drop waypoints, and more!

         Mission Manager

         Google Map USNG mash-up

         Also look for mobile apps on your mobile device such as:

o   GPS Toolbox

o   GridNav

o   MyMGRS


o   MGRS Converter

o   MGRS Navigation System

o   UTM MGRS Finder

o   GeoCam

o   Dioptra

o   Search for other apps with related keywords like USNG, MGRS, and GPS.

Training Materials:


o   Simple introduction Iowa Task Force 1 (8 min.)

o   FEMA U.S. National Grid Introduction (34 min.)


o   Using the U.S National Grid for Search and Rescue

         Presentation: Standardized Maps Using The US National Grid

o   PowerPoint

o   Speaker notes

o   Sample mapbook

o   Dakota County 10K map (topo)

o   MNGEO 10K map (aerial photo)

         Browse training materials directory


         http://USNGcenter.org Primary public resource website

         NAPSG USNG Resources (National Association of Public Safety GIS)

         Interactive Maps

o   http://bit.ly/HastyMapper - Easy to remember, advanced mapping tools

o   Gmap4 Enhanced Google Maps with advanced capabilities

o   USNG in Google Maps

o   Note that for all practical purposes in the continental United States, the Military Grid Referencing System (MGRS) and the US National Grid (USNG) are synonymous.

         USNG GIS sources and samples:

o   Various PowerPoint presentations and associated materials

o   MnGeo 10K orthophoto maps with nursing home overlay

o   Browse directory containing map documents and USNG data

o   Sample maps and related tools

  Browse sample maps directory

  Sample maps readme.txt file

  Python script for creating situational overlays

         Proposed US National Grid Mapping Standard